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The absolute world champion in car service and security, Pandora Professional is a complex solution that includes all available security and service functions, as well as additional personal safety, and high configurability for custom options and equipment.


The Professional is a new top-of-the-range Pandora system. The system combines the most advanced software and hardware solutions in the field of car security systems. The base unit of the system contains the maximum number of integrated components. At the same time, it is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand.
The system has a two-way remote control and two radio tags. The Professional allows you to control your car and receive all information about it using the mobile application by an Internet or Bluetooth connection. The system set also includes a blocking radio relay and a relay module for remote engine start.

D-670 Remote control
D-670 is a new leader in transmitting commands and receiving information at a record distance from the system. An updated protocol with 868 MHz frequency provides high-quality data transfer in the conditions of radio interference of a modern city. A high contrast OLED display, LED status indicator, sound and vibro-notifications, built-in USB port, Li-Po battery and control buttons provide maximum ergonomics and easy operation of the system and vehicle.
868 MHz Radio interface
A multichannel jamproof 868 MHz radio path provides a reliable connection, long-distance transmission range, fast delivery of notifications and comfortable control over the system.
Bluetooth tags
Miniature Bluetooth tags are included in the system set. The tag has a button for arming/disarming. Bluetooth interface allows implementing a reliable Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance, immobilizer and Anti-Hi-Jack functions.
Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy protocol
BLUETOOTH 4.2 Low Energy protocol allows configuring, controlling your system by mobile applications (without Internet-connection), using a phone as a radio tag, connecting additional modules (blocking radio relays, engine compartment module, wireless sensors, etc.).
Digital protection
Modern dynamic dialogue AES encryption with 128-bit keys guarantees impossibility of electronic hack and theft.
Internet service and mobile applications
Mobile applications Pandora Pro (iOS) and Pandora Online (Android) combine your vehicle, telemetry system, smartphone and smart watches into one platform. You can configure and control all of your vehicles with the multifunctional Pandora applications and Internet-service
Integrated 2xSIM 3G GSM interface
GSM connection expands a zone where you can control the system and receive alarm and service notifications to the cellular network coverage area. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. Enable SMS and voice notifications and the system will notify you in case of any alarm events.
Owner’s personal safety
In case of a car accident, the system will automatically detect it and send notifications to emergency services and owner’s close ones. All notifications are supplemented with car current coordinates and web links to online map services.
Remote and automatic engine starts
The system allows you to remotely start and stop the engine or to set automatic engine start by different parameters (by time, voltage or temperature). The system performs a reliable control over the engine operating parameters and your vehicle status. The Turbo timer and Ignition backing functions allows to work correctly with turbocharged engines and to leave a car armed without a key inside while the engine is running.
Control over engine pre-heaters
If your car has an engine heater, you can control it using a Pandora system. Try the most modern and effective way to heat your car before or while driving.
Bypass of an original car immobilizer
An integrated algorithmic bypass of an original car immobilizer and Pandora CLONE servers allow the system to bypass or clone an original car key in order to implement the remote engine start function for many modern cars.
Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver
An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions.
Integrated accelerometer
An integrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and perform engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.
Integrated power back-up
A built-in battery allows extending operating time of the system to promptly notify the owner in the cases of an unauthorized disconnection of the onboard power supply.
Multisystem digital interface
Three digital CAN-busses and two digital LIN-busses simplify integration and increase the system functionality on modern vehicles.


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