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The SmartWitness SVC1080 is a high definition vehicle accident camera which is capable of capturing video at full HD 1080p resolution. It is a compact, reliable option for drivers looking to protect themselves from fraudulent and disputed insurance claims and provide evidence of dangerous driving.


SmartWitness SVC1080 Key Features
Full HD video capture: Record crystal clear high definition footage.
Integrated LCD display: Review video in real-time or play back previous recordings without having to synchronise the camera with another device.
170° viewing angle: Enjoy wide angle views to capture everything that happens in front of the windscreen.
Adjustable frame rate: Record video at between 10fps and 30fps, giving you the flexibility to maximise the use of onboard storage space.
Audio recording: Turn audio recording on or off depending on your preferences.
GPS & motion-sensing capabilities: Capture the time, date and location of incidents, together with the speed at which your vehicle is travelling, at the same time as recording video.
SD card compatibility: Add up to 32GB of storage to the SVC1080 and swap memory cards as and when required to extend its storage capacity.
Benefits of the SmartWitness SVC1080
Avoid ‘cash for crash’ scams by keeping a comprehensive record of what occurs when you are out on the road, protecting you against staged accidents and insurance fraud by malicious third parties.
Capture evidence which can be used to counter any false claims made in the event of traffic signal violations, speeding tickets and more.
The flexible recording also lets you automatically capture footage when the vehicle is parked, boosting security and dissuading would-be thieves.
Make use of the SmartWitness Analysis Software suite to transfer and replay the captured video on a compatible PC or Mac, complete with speed, GPS data and integration with Google Maps.
Send data to the cloud and allow remote access to recordings thanks to the SmartWitness Cloud Service, which is accessible for free with this camera.

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